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Southwest Louisiana Birding Trip

Posted in Trip List on November 10, 2010 by Richard Temple

Southwest Louisiana – 9 November 2010
Bird/Species Trip List

Trip was via I-10 west to Hwy 27 South to Hwy 82 west; back was Hwy 82 east to Hwy 14 west to I-10 East.


Sites: Sabine NWR; Holly Beach; Peveto Woods Sanctuary (PWS); Lacassine NWR; various locations throughout Calcasieu Parish

Bird species seen:

Great Blue Heron—common throughout

Great Egret-common throughout

Snowy Egret-common throughout

Tricolored Heron– common throughout preferred habitat

Little Blue Heron—several individuals at Lacassine NWR

Fulvous Whistling-Duck–3 pairs flying at Cameron Prairie NWR pintail loop

Mottled Duck—abundant throughout

Blue-winged Teal– common throughout

American Widgeon– 2 associating with a group of Gadwall at Lacassine NWR

Gadwall– common at Lacassine NWR

Ring-necked Duck– common along coastal marsh

Lesser Scaup-common along coastal marsh

American Coot– abundant along coastal marsh

Common Moorhen– common through out

Pied-billed Grebe– common throughout

Double-crested Cormorant – 5 at PWS (*F.O.)

Neotropic Cormorant-common along coastal Louisiana

White-faced Ibis– common throughout

White Ibis– common throughout

Black Vulture–common throughout

Turkey Vulture–abundant throughout

Cooper’s Hawk–1 patrolling the live oaks at PWS

Broad-winged Hawk–1 along the highway 82

Red-tailed Hawk–throughout, with up to 25 along highway 82; includes 4 “Krider’s”

Crested Caracara–1 north of Chalkley Road

Northern Harrier-abundant throughout

American Kestrel–a couple on wires along the highways

Merlin-1 flying over a field along Chalkley Road

Roseate Spoonbill- 4 at Lacassine NWR

Black-necked Stilt– several at Cameron Parish ferry

Least Sandpiper–along highways in slightly flooded areas and mud flats

Sanderling– common along the coast

Greater Yellowlegs-1 at Cameron Prairie NWR

Lesser Yellowlegs– 1 at Cameron Prairie NWR

Black-bellied Plover– uncommon along the coast

American Woodcock– 1 flushed at PWS

Clapper Rail– common throughout marshes; 1 individual flushed along trail at PWS!

Willet– common along coast

Herring Gull– uncommon along coast

Laughing Gull– abundant throughout

Ring-billed Gull– common along coast

Caspian Tern– abundant along coast

Forster’s Tern– common along coast

Brown Pelican – common along coast

American Crow-common

Rock Dove–in most towns

Mourning Dove–throughout

Inca Dove–2 south of Chalkley Road

Eurasian Collared Dove–throughout

Barn Owl—1 flushed at PWS

Belted Kingfisher—common along power lines near water

Downy Woodpecker—1 seen foraging at PWS

Eastern Phoebe–a few throughout

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher–in open areas and along highways throughout

Tree Swallow–common along waterways

Blue Jay—common throughout

Winter Wren—several at PWS

House Wren—several at PWS

Sedge Wren– 1 @ Sabine NWR (*H.O.)

Ruby-crowned Kinglet–several at PWS

Golden-crowned Kinglet-5 throughout PWS

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher–a few seen at PWS

Northern Mockingbird–abundant throughout

Gray Catbird-1 at PWS

Cedar Waxwing–about 12 along Chalkley Road

Yellow-billed Cuckoo-1 individual; presumed injured

Loggerhead Shrike—uncommon along power lines and fence post; 1 at PWS

European Starling—abundant throughout

Blue-headed Vireo—2 seen at PWS

Pine Warbler—1 seen at PWS

Yellow-rumped Warbler– unusually uncommon throughout

Northern Cardinal–common throughout, with about 20 at PCB

Blue Grosbeak—2 seen coming to water drip at PWS

Eastern Meadowlark-common throughout

Field Sparrow–1 seen well at PWS

Swamp Sparrow—common throughout

Savannah Sparrow—common along highway and roads

Lincoln’s Sparrow—several individuals at PWS

White-throated Sparrow—common at PWS

Song Sparrow—several at PWS

White-crowned Sparrow–only a few at PWS

Seaside Sparrow– several along coast

Red-winged Blackbird–abundant in the agriculture fields along highways

Boat-tailed Grackle- abundant throughout Cameron Parish

Common Gracklecommon along Chalkley Road

Great-tailed Grackle–common in towns

Brown-headed Cowbird–disturbingly abundant throughout

House Sparrow–common in towns

88 total bird species 

*F.O. = Flyover

*H.O. = Heard only

Butterfly Species seen:

Monarch-abundant at PWS

Red Admiral– uncommon at PWS

Common Buckeye-common at PWS